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Renovision Automation Services PVT LTD
Embtel Technologies
Crosslink Wireless
AmNet Services, Inc.
Arista Networks
NextGen Global Resources, LLC
Cedarview Technology
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23/05/2017   General Telecom engineer (Honduras)
23/05/2017   General Telecom engineer (El Salvador)
22/05/2017   General Telecom engineer (Kenya)
22/05/2017   General Telecom engineer (San Marino)
19/05/2017   General Telecom engineer (Norway)
19/05/2017   General Telecom engineer (Malta)
18/05/2017   General Telecom engineer (Finland)
18/05/2017   General Telecom engineer (Croatia)
17/05/2017   General Telecom engineer (Macédoine)
17/05/2017   General Telecom engineer (Hungary)
16/05/2017   General Telecom engineer (Bulgaria)
15/05/2017   General Telecom engineer (Montenegro)
15/05/2017   General Telecom engineer (Greece)
12/05/2017   General Telecom engineer (Bosnie-Herzégovine)
11/05/2017   General Telecom engineer (Australie)
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Apple, Samsung two smart phones giants, is there room for third?
A Google executive, Dennis Woodside, is Motorola’s new leader. In an interview on Tuesday, Mr. Woodside said that the union of the two companies would spur mobile innovation. But Mr. Woodside, sharp and energetic, was careful not to overstate his goal for Motorola. He does not expect it to become a giant overnight.

Steve Jobs loved secrecy
Speaking at the Sydney session of the tour on Monday, Wozniak talked about where he believes true innovation is found: "Innovation comes from brain power; it comes from having smart people around. It doesn't come from just cranking a wheel."

Digital Real life in 2050
Interesting video about the future of social media communications in the real virtual world; Google, Microsoft, Yahoo!, Amazon, Facebook, MOW.fm and the internet Social Media revolution

Oracle buys Social Media startup Vitrue
Technology company Oracle has acquired social media marketing software startup Vitrue.

Nokia Future Mobiles
Nokia Wearable Smart Phones of the future

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