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Wireless Network Engineer - wireless Internet service provider (WISP)

Posted - 11/07/2009
Company Chief People      
Job Type Full-Time Employee
Salary N/A
Location Mountain View, CA, USA
Region: North America
Education Master's Degree
Work Experience 2-5 years
Job Reference
Details MetroFi is a wireless network operator deploying large community wide networks is looking for an experienced Wireless Network Engineer, with the ability to Provide network engineering solutions in response to the technical requirements of a wireless Internet service provider (WISP). MetroFi is located in Mountain View, CA

Job Title: Network Engineer
Reports To: Director, Network Engineering
MetroFi is a wireless network operator deploying large community wide networks based on 802.11 mesh technology. The company has successfully deployed multiple cities in the Silicon Valley Bay Area and is looking to expand the footprint significantly. This growth requires a Wireless Network Engineer to support the implementation of our RF Networks in the licensed and unlicensed bands. This position will be responsible for validating system parameters and performance, outdoor propagation and analysis, and support operations in managing interference within the unlicensed spectrum. In addition, the Wireless Network Engineer will be responsible for all aspects of FCC compliance and certification for MetroFi*s network and assess various hardware designs for cost, reliability and compliance.
* Ac as the primary authority on RF design, hardware enhancements, spectral analysis and its correlation on network performance.
* Manage the RF Engineering lab to validate system parameters, deploy test systems, data collection and analysis of such data.
* Lead the RF analysis of radios provided by vendors, identify potential problems and ensure FCC compliance and validate system performance.
* Lead RF hardware design to enhance the performance of any off-the-shelf systems that may be needed to deploy the system.
* Define RF acceptance criteria and provide cost vs. performance benefits of alternative approaches.
* Manage RF vendor relationships to benchmark equipment performance after networks are deployed and to coordinate enhancements to existing platforms.
* Evolve the RF design and performance of the network to support future requirements and newer products envisioned by the company.
* Act as a third tier escalation point to support Network Operations, RF Operations and Network Deployment to resolve critical network issues impacting network performance.
* Share on-call responsibilities.

* Outdoor RF design, frequency planning, antenna selections, RF propagation and down-tilt designs
* Strong working understanding of 802.11a/b/g standards and other evolving wireless communication technologies including 802.11n and 802.16
* Understanding/direct knowledge of mesh networks and deployment of large scale outdoor networks in unlicensed spectrum
* Working knowledge of link budgets and propagation characteristics with ability to trade off between output power/receive sensitivity/antenna gain and radio deployment density
* BS in CSC, CPE, MIS, EE, or related Network Engineering field.
* Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
* Proven project management skills required.
* Must work well in team environment with high individual productivity
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