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Senior System Engineer

Posted - 11/07/2009
Company Silicon City      
Job Type Contract
Salary N/A
Location Saudi Arabia
Region: Middle East
Education Any
Work Experience Any
Job Reference
Person works as an experienced OMS/OSS System Engineer in O&M operability system verification area. Work includes test planning, OMS/Netact integration, verification, reporting and occasional trialing and piloting support in our customer site. Main Responsibility Areas:
Person is verifying Wimax OMS/Netact operability against OMS operability EFS (element feature specification) and Wimax operability SFS (system feature specification). This work includes test case planning, written test cases, executing tests and reporting. Person is also responsible to maintain OMS/Netact test environment which includes real network elements. After test planning phase, person executes testcases against plan and reports found problems to relevant product lines e.g. Netact, OMS, Wimax Flexi BTS and ASN GW. This requires direct contacts to each product line R&D specialists. ring early trialing and piloting, the person is giving on-site support for key customers and executes test cases according test spec. Tasks/Responses:
- To become specialized for Wimax OMS/OSS operability area including lab and customer on-site verification. OMS/Netact area includes SC Wimax Flexi BTS and ASN GW.
- Verify new OMS/OSS SW releases and to support customers around all network/element management technical questions (e.g. integration, installation, configuring)
- Plan, writes and executes OMS/OSS system verification test cases (e.g. operability, CM,FM, PM, LM, O&M security)
- Verify new OMS/OSS trial packages before customer installation (e.g. Configuration Management, Fault Management, Performance Management, License management, O&M security)
- Take care of OMS/OSS servers installation & maintenance for internal labs, customer labs when requested and field test environment s
- Analyzes varies O&M problems using different test equipments & tools (e.g. Nethawk, Ethereal network protocol analyzer)
- Tutoring, giving hands-on training for OMS/OSS installation/upgrading, configuration and troubleshooting
- Acting as main test leader (e.g. planning, writes test cases, plan environment) in large O&M test projects
- OMS/OSS integration tasks to existing core network (e.g. billing, interworking)
- Co-operation with technical support teams (e.g. SC Tier3 support)

Needed competencies are general testing process knowledge and understanding experience of system verification test planning, development and execution. Previous experience of OMS/OSS testing or verification required and solid customer support interface (e.g. trialing or technical support) experience is preferred. Typically 2-6 years relevant experience with OMS/OSS products (Production and/or R&D testing). Bachelor or Masters degree in telecommunication/computer studies. Requirements:
- Self-oriented, Analytical thinking and good end-to-end oriented analytical problem solving skills are needed e.g. troubleshooting customer network, experience how to analyze log files & error counters. Person needs to plan and execute test cases with moderate guiding.
- Excellent understanding of Unix/Linux operating systems
- Excellent Unix administrator knowledge/practical experience
- Excellent TCP/IP and networking knowledge
- Strong telecom system knowledge (e.g., transport, IP) especially from network management systems
- Good understanding of 2G, 3G or Wimax O&M architectures
- Good understanding of BSS/RAN/RNC/core problem solving and failure reporting (e.g. familiar with Pronto, Testman)
- Understanding of lower layer protocols (L1-L2) and high layer protocols including mobile IP (L3-L7) levels
- Must have operational experience and competence at least some of the following elements in addition of OMS/Netact: Wimax BTS, ASN GW, Cisco HA, Radius-servers, Diameters, BRAS, DNS, DHCP, Firewall, 3G WCDMA BTS, BSC, RNC, MGW, MSC/HLR, 2G/3G SGSN, GGSN, Routers, Switches
- Good networking and communications skills
- Good English language skills
- Capability to travel & flexibility
- Overal Telecom experience 4-6 years
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