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Resume Title: Experienced Telecommunication/Cellular Network Engineer working in Transmission and Radio Network

Resume keywords summary: Transmission, MBA, Planning, Operation & Maintenance, Project Management

Contact Information
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Work Experience
Experience level: 10 +
Profile/Cover Letter:
Flat #D-5, House #03, Road #10,
Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka-1205
Phone # +880-01911310208,+880-1843238200
Email: fazlul_karim@yahoo.com

A self-motivated, experienced and successful Telecom professional, have been working for 13+ years
with the leading telecom operators in Bangladesh, having a wide range of skills particular in leading
Transmission Network Design, Rollout & Implementation, NOC and O&M functionalities
together with the ability to manage local and foreign suppliers and inspiring team members to achieve
Organizational objectives, having a keen interest in taking challenging role to be part of team pursuing
for building 3G/LTE networks utilizing CapEx/OpEx optimally while maintaining the overall network


o 13+ years of working experience in Transmission Network Planning (PDH,SDH and Optical fiber, DWDM), Radio design, NOC, Rollout and O&M Dept. with renowned operators in Bangladesh

o Managing Transmission Projects of 5000+ PDH, SDH (Aviat-XP4/DXR/ Eclipse, NEC-V4/NEO/Mx/iPaso/3000S, NSN- SRAL XD/SRT1F/SRT1C/SRA4, Fujitsu-FlexR, Ericsson-Minilink) links including NMS integration and 3000+ kms of Fiber Network.

o Capable of leading from planning upto implementation for installing 2000+ M/W links in a year.

o Supplier Management experience like NSN, NEC, Harris Stratex Network, Ericsson and Fujitsu M/W products & ADMs from Fujitsu (FlexR), Marconi(SMA), NSN(hiT7070) & Huawei (OSN-2500/3500/7500), DWDM-8800

o Telco Project Management (BTS Site Preparation, Installation & Commissioning of BTS & M/W links).

o Financial Management and people management


o Transmission Network Dimensioning of Cell one (LEO),Namibia for both 2G and 3G Networks 2009
o NEC iPasolink Equipments Validation test, Tokyo, Japan 2010


Associate General Manager (O&M), Banglalik Digtial communications Ltd July 01’13 to till date
o Lead Tx Team in line to implement Expansion Projects and Achieve Rollout targets in 2013
o Maintain Transmission Network Availability
o Optimized Utilization of CapEx
o Reduce OpEx of the Transmission O&M Activities
o Vendor Management

Sr. Manager (O&M), Orascom Telecom Bd. Ltd Jan 01 ’11 to Jun 30’13
o Managing Preventive and Corrective Measures for smooth operation of both SDH M/W (200+ hops),ADM (350+),DWDM and Fiber Optic transmission Network (3000+kms)
o Managing SDH M/W and Optical Fiber Deployment, Testing and Acceptance activities
o Vendor selection and management, RFQ/BOQ preparation, Guidelines etc
o Managing stake holders (30+).

-Achieving target of Project works of 130+kms fiber, 10 new SDH M/W links and 30 ADM/DWDMs in 2012 and maintaining overall Tx Network availability of over 99.60% throughout 2012

Manager (O&M), Orascom Telecom Bd. Ltd Jan 01 ’09-Dec 31’10
o Leading Tx Team (consisting of 19 engineers) to ensure O&M activities
o Evaluation, Selection and Managing suppliers/vendors of M/W and Optical fiber service for the Preventive and Corrective Maintenance of the Tx Network
o Implementing Optical Fiber Projects (Trenching, DIT, Cable blowing, Splicing, ODF Termination and End to Test for the connectivity)
o OpEx Budgeting, liaison with other dept & Maintaining the Technical and Financial KPI of whole Transmission Operation team.

-Achieving target of Project works of 1500+kms new fiber, 55+ new SDH M/W links an 100+ADMs in 2009-2010 and maintaining overall Tx Network availability of over 99.50% throughout the period

Asst. Manager (Tx Planning), Orascom Telecom Bd. Ltd Sept 12’05-Dec 31,’08
o Leading PDH Planning & assisting SDH Planning teams (consisting of 15 Engineers) to complete dimensioning and building the capacity for the Transmission Network (Optical Fiber and SDH M/W links) for the GSM Network Rollout support in 2005-2008 period
o Verifying link budgets (Pathloss) and approving for delivering and installing the M/W links
o Optimizing Tx Network to increase Network availability & sufficient capacity
o Planning & Selecting Optical fiber Nodes and vendors for building the OF Network.
o CapEx Budgeting, BOQ Ordering & Managing Inventory.
o NMS Implementation Project Management.

-More than 4500 PDH links have been installed with 99.995% availability target in 3 years apprx 8300+ NE integration out of 9000 into NMS (Netviewer & PNMS), deploying redundancy scheme of every BSC through conventional & super PDH chain

Superintendent Engineer (NOC), Grameen Phone July 01,’05-Sept 11,’05
o Back office Tx Head of SDH M/W and Optical Fiber Network
o Support field team from NOC in troubleshooting Tx faults.
o Improvement of Transmission Network performance
-Reduce to identify transmission related fault time by 10% due to process development and train up the NOC engineer

Superintendent Engineer (Tx System) Grameen Phone Nov 24,’04-June 30,’05
o Managing the overall PDH Networks of the entire Tx system
o Troubleshooting & Maintaining of both the SDH M/W and Fiber Optic Network
o Supervising the NMS Implementation Project of the Netviewer, PNMSj and Minilink Manager
o Managing the 2nd line support team and Tx spare.

Asst. Vice President (Rollout Team), Pacific BD Telecom Ltd Jan 01,’04-Nov 23,’04
o Vendor Management for site preparation and Implementation works.
o Scheduling of project implementation works, supplier assignment and following up progress.
o CapEx Budgeting for site construction ,Installation & Commissioning works
o Negotiating with the Suppliers/House owner in acquisition phase.
o Reporting Project progress works to the higher management

-Achieving target 95% of planned BTS (84) on Air before November’04, keeping the Budget minimum for each of the site preparation works.

Sr. Executive (Tx), Pacific BD. Telecom Ltd May 01,’02-Dec 31,’03
o Surveying and designing of Optical Fiber route
o Verifying prepared link budget using Pathloss for PDH/SDH MW links.
o Troubleshooting & Maintaining of PDH & SDH M/W backbone networks
o Preparing BOQ for Tx equipments and spare management
o Preparing yearly Opex Budget of the entire Tx department.

-Maintaining the availability of transmission network by 99%+ on average

Executive, Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Ltd July 27,’00-April 30,’02
o Surveying for BTS site selection.
o Tx link Budget, Interference analysis and Radio design (including PN planning, handoff etc)
o Installation, commissioning and PAT of new M/W (PDH) & BTS.
o Execution of Cross connection and end to end path check for the new connectivity
o Monitoring & Troubleshooting of EMX 2500 Switch, Motorola CBSC from NMC
o Drive testing to find out the problem and optimize the radio network

-As a entry level job involvement was in Tx/Radio design, monitoring of the switch performance, doing the roster duty from the NOC

o Optix OSN 1500/2500/3500/7500 installation, commissioning and Maintenance by
Huawei, Shenzhen, China. May 17,’07 - Jun 15,’07

o Fiber Optic Communication, troubleshooting, and Splicing etc by Eagle Photonics,
Bangalore, India. Apr 27,’05 - Apr 29,’05

o Administration & Maintenance of SRA4 and SRT 1C Radios by NSN, Dhaka,
Bangladesh Feb 08,’05 - Feb 17, ’05

o Modern Telecommunication Engineering, Directorate of Continuing Education,
Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology, Dhaka. May 22,’03 - May23,’03

o Installation, Commissioning, Troubleshooting and Maintenance of DXR, Altium & XP4
Series Radio by DMC Stratex Networks India in Delhi, India. Dec 24,’02-Dec 26,’02


o Introduction to Project Management, by Global Knowledge (Malaysia),
Dhaka. Oct 20,’08 - Oct 22,’08
o Managerial Decision Making by NIS Sparta (India), Dhaka. Sep 06,’08 - Sep 07,’08
o Leadership Excellence by Sansei (Singapore), Dhaka. May 07,’08 - May 08,’08
o International Trade Process & Related Supply Chain Management, by Bdjobs.com,
Dhaka. Sept 08,’07
o Finance for Non Finance Professional, by organization. Sept 26,’07
o Managerial Effectiveness by Maps ‘n’ Grow (India), Dhaka. Feb 17,’07-Feb 18,’07


MBA (Finance), IBA, University of Dhaka 2004
B.Sc. Engg (Electrical & Electronic), BUET 2000

Completed Course work for MSc. Engg (Communication Engg.) in BUET


O/S Windows 3.11/ 95/98/2000, XP, Windows NT 4,Dos, Linux
Language Fortran77, C, Visual C++ 6,Qbasic, Visual Basic 6.0
CAD Visio Technical -General Drawing
Matlab -System Modeling and Simulation
Application MS Office 2000, MS Project 2000, FoxPro 2.6
Pathloss 4 - Microwave Path Design
MapInfo – Link Connectivity Design


Father Syed Sekander Ali
Mother Mahabuba Begum
Date of Birth August 13, 1976
Nationality Bangladeshi
Religion Islam
Marital Status Married


Member, Engineers Institution of Bangladesh
Life Member, IBA Alumni Association
Member, BUET Alumni Association



Traveling, Literature, Music, sports


Mr. Md. Mahfuzur Rahman.
Director, Technical & Regulatory Affairs
Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Ltd,
14, Mohakhali C/A
Dhaka, Bangladesh

Mr. Tofazzal Hossain
Sr. Manager, Transmission Planning
Access Network,
Orascom Telecom Bangladesh Ltd
Plot 4, SW(H),Gulshan Avenue
Dhaka, Bangladesh

(Syed Fazlul Karim)
No submited work experiences

Education & Training
Education Level: Master's Degree
School Name: Institute of Business Administration, University of Dhaka
Major: Finance
City: Dhaka
Country: Bangladesh
Graduation Date: 04/12/2004
Description: MBA
Education Level: Bachelor's Degree
School Name: Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology
Major: Electrical and Electronic Engieering
City: Dhaka
Country: Bangladesh
Graduation Date: 27/06/2000
Description: BSc. Engineering

Language Level
English Fluent
French Basic

Job Preferences
Job Category: Project Manager
Job Type: Full-Time Employee
Job Status: Flexible
Desired Salary: $10000 a month
Desired Location: Europe/Asia/North American countries
Willing to Relocate: Yes

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