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Resume Title: Network Engineer with 2 years experience

Resume keywords summary:

Contact Information
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Work Experience
Experience level: 1-2 years
Profile/Cover Letter: Not Specified
Employer: Global Access Ltd
Job Title: Senior Networ Engineer
Start Month/Year: 04/2008
End Month/Year: Current
City: Dhaka
Country: Bangladesh
Description: A. Responsibilities in Networking Section

 Responsible for designing, implementation and troubleshooting of customers network infrastructure using various networking devices.
 Reviewing and evaluating new equipment and software offerings and recommending for purchase, as appropriate; advises users on hardware and software alternatives; determines standards for selection of software.
 Delegating of long-term projects, reviewing work, and tracking progress.

B. Responsibilities in Radio And Microwave Communication

 Preparing complete site survey reports & link budget calculation for new Links.
 Frequency planning for different base stations.
 Installation and commissioning of IP based point to point microwave link.
 Installation and commissioning of Base station like Alvarion Breeze Access P2MP (BU, SU), Motorola Canopy Access Point (AP/SM) with Cluster Management Module (CMM).
 Installation, Maintenance & Troubleshooting of VSAT Systems.

C. Responsibilities in Linux System Administration

 Configuring and maintaining different servers as per the requirement of clients [DNS, Mail, Proxy, Web, NAT, Firewall etc] in Linux.

Education & Training
Education Level: Bachelor's Degree
School Name: Khulna University
Major: Telecommunication
City: Khulna
Country: Bangladesh
Graduation Date: 01/04/2005
Description: B.Sc. Engg. in ECE

ECE = Electronics and communication Engineering.

Language Level
English Fluent

Job Preferences
Job Category: RF Engineering Jobs
Job Type: Any
Job Status: Immediate
Desired Salary: $0 Unspecified
Desired Location: Not Specified
Willing to Relocate: Yes

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