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Resume Title: RF Engineer - Optimization (LTE / WCDMA)

Resume keywords summary: GSM, WCDMA, LTE, RF Optimization Engineer, Performance Management, Drive Test, Layer 3

Contact Information
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Work Experience
Experience level: 10 +
Profile/Cover Letter:
Atulay Yadav
RF Engineer – Optimization (LTE / UMTS / GSM)
Mb. No. +91- 9990035784 Email: atulayyadav@yahoo.com
+91- 9711229067 Passport : available

Career Objective:
To contribute in achieving organisation’s business goals by improving network performance through optimization of RF resources/parameters/features with best practises of telecom industry.

Professional Synopsis:
• Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech.) with experience of 10+ years, having expertise in RF Optimization on LTE, HSPA+, WCDMA & GSM Networks on NOKIA System
• NOKIA RAN Products - Familiar with products like BTS (SRAN, Flexi, MR), RNC (McRNC & 2600), System Modules (FSMD & FSMF), RF Modules (FRGT, FRGP, FRGY, FRGU), RAN Software (RL50, RU40, RU50), WBTS Software (S16 & W16).
• NOKIA Tools - Hands on experience on NOKIA proprietary tools like Netact15.5, Reporting suit, Configuration Manager, License Manager, OMS Element Manager, BTS Manager, CM Editor, Plan Editor, Alarm Viewer, Customizing Reports etc.
• NOKIA Features - Knowledge of parameters, features and counters of RU40, RU50, RL50, S16, W16 with trials and improvements.
• Competent to achieve optimal network performance, KPIs Improvements, Network Statistical Analysis, Parameter Optimization, Feature Trial, Parameter / Feature Audits and Inconsistency Corrections, Handling and Resolving Customer Complaints, Identify and Troubleshoot Network Issues, Radio Capacity Assessments.
• Experience to lead teams, Experience on customer interaction, Customer service oriented, Ability to mentor colleagues, Analytical approach and problem solving skills, Attitude to excel by learning and enhancing skills.
• Currently, working as Manager – RF Optimization at IDEA Cellular Ltd. at Noida,(U.P.)

Technical Skills:
4G LTE Network:
• Solid understanding on basics and functionalities of LTE like OFDMA, SCFMA, RE, PRB, RSRP, RSQ, PCI, ERAB, QCI, QOS, RI, PMI, MCS
• Hands on experience on NOKIA Features like CSFB with RIM, ULCOMP, Close Loop MIMO, QOS, Fast Uplink Link Adaptation
• Improve Major 4G KPIs: RRC and ERAB Setup Succ Rate, ERAB Drop Call Rate, Handover over X2 and S1 Succ Rate, PS Inter System HO Succ Rate
• Knowledge about extraction of NSN dump and their objects like LNBTS, LNCEL, LNHOW, LNHOG, LNADJ, LNADJL, LNADJW
• Knowledge about licenses, parameters and features required for reselection to & from WCDMA/GSM, CSFB Parameters
• Competent on RL50 with SBTS 16, Netact Reporting Suite on FL16, FL16A

3G WCDMA / UMTS Networks:
• Solid understanding of Basics and Functionalities of 3G / WCDMA Standards, HSDPA / HSUPA
• NOKIA Features – Trial and Implementation of features like Activity Based UL Power Control for R99 DCH, HSUPA TD Scheduling, IRC Receiver, Enhanced HSUPA IC, Fast Cell_PCH Switching, Fast Dormancy Profiling, Data Session Profiling, HSPA 128 Users per cell, Multiple BSIC Identification, Faster OLPC, Flex ULRLC
• Improve Major 3G KPIs: RRC and RAB Setup Success Rate, CS and PS Drop Call Rate, CS and PS SHO Success Rate, CS and PS IRAT HO Success Rate, HSDPA and HSUPA Throughput, HS Drop Rate, Reduce SHO Overhead etc.
• Knowledge about objects of NSN Dump, RNMOBI, RNHSPA, WBTS, WCEL, FMCS, FMCG, HOPG, HOPS, ADJS, ADJG, ADJW etc
• Knowledge XML Creation, Parameter Change XMLs, Dump Extraction, Feature & Licensed Capacity Audits, Parameter Audits, Radio capacity assessment, Radio Parameter and Feature Optimization, Post processing of drive test log files and Layer 3 analysis

2G GSM / DCS Networks:
• Competent on NOKIA Features & Parameters like DRT, SAIC, STIRC, Precise Paging, Fast Return to WCDMA, AMR, SL, TRP, CDED, CDEF, BFG, CNT, Queuing, BLT, HR Tuning, etc.
• Improve Major 2G KPIs: SD and TCH Blocking, SD and TCH Drop, HO Success Rate, TASR, Hard and Soft Blocking, Data Throughput, Paging Success Rate, etc.
• Analysis of 2G NSN ND Reports like 23, 60,153, 154, 163, 166, 196, 208, 214 and logs like ZEQO, ZEUO, ZEHO etc., Extracting BTS Level Parameters, Counters, Alarms and customizing reports as per special requirements.
• Experience on Tools like TEMS Investigation, Actix, Mapinfo, Xeus, and Google Earth etc.

Current Organization and Project:
Working as Manager - RF Optimization at IDEA Cellular Ltd., Noida, since Jan’15
Circle: Uttar Pradesh (West) and Uttrakhand for LTE, WCDMA and GSM Network
4G/LTE Network is recently launched with approx. 1250 eNodeB and still into rollout phase with target of 4000 eNodeB running on RL60 with SRAN16.
3G Network is having more than 6000 Node B and 10 RNCs consisting of both McRNC and RNC2600 running on RU50 with W16.
2G Network is having more than 9000 BTS and 56 BSCs consisting of BSC3i, Flexi BSCs on both 900 and 1800 Bands on RG40.

Job Profile:
• Lead Optimization team of RF Engineers for LTE / WCDMA Network on NOKIA RAN System. Provide technical assistance on 2G Network.
• Feature Trials, Parameter Optimization, Audit & Inconsistency correction, Pre & Post Analysis, Worst Cells Identification & their Improvement
• Recommendations for Hardware Expansion, License etc. based on Code, Power and CE Utilization
• Interaction & delivery to corporate teams, marketing and sales teams to showcase improvements in Networks and address concerns to meet business targets
• Assure completion of scheduled activities like Quarterly Bench Mark Drive Test and Analysis, Report Generation, Trackers and adhoc deliveries
• Handling VIP Customer Complaints and provide solutions, Market visit to interact with marketing and sales team to take feedback and handle their grievances
• Mentoring colleagues and GETs, Knowledge Sharing, Preparing documentation of Feature Trials and major parameter changes
• Handling of vendors and other teams for process adherence and timely delivery, Process Alignment, Interviewing candidates for technical skill check

Previous Organizations and Projects:

1) Senior Engineer - RF Optimization in Ericsson Global Services India Pvt. Ltd., Noida, Nov’11 to Dec’15
Project: Managed Services for Bharti Airtel Africa
Job Profile:
• 3G RF Optimization on NOKIA and ERICSSON System for Countries CONGO B and GHANA respectively
• 2G RF Optimization on ERICSSON System for Country TCHAD and NOKIA System for CONGO B.
• ERICSSON Parameter Optimization, Dump Extraction and Process, Tools like Citrix, RNO, BO, Winfiol, etc.
• ERICSSON BSS Products RNC3180, 3280, Multi Evo 8200, RBS3000, 6000 and their sub parts
• Reports Analysis NCS, MRR, BO Templates and Counters, KPIs and Formulas, KPI Dashboard
• Handling VIP Customer Complaints with technical issues and providing solutions.

2) Engineer – RF Optimization in Nokia Siemens Networks, Mar’09 to Nov’11
Project: Managed Services for Maxis Aircel, Punjab

Job Profile:
• Looking after 2G/3G Network Optimization on NSN System for whole network
• Involved in Network Planning since initial rollout for 2G and 3G Network on Nokia Platform.
• LAC and Frequency Planning, Parameter Audit, SSV Reports, SCFT & Cluster Report Validation etc.
• Single Site and Cluster Optimization for better coverage and quality, KPI Improvement, Worst Cell Analysis, Parameter Optimization, Neighbour Optimization, Root Cause analysis for abnormal dip in KPIs, Feature Activation and Evaluation.
• Statistical Analysis based on ND Reports and Logs, Drive Test Reports and Logfile Analysis Customer complaints.

3) Junior RF Engineer in ADA Cellworks Wireless Engineering Pvt. Ltd. for Vodafone, Gujarat, Jan’08 to
Job Profile:
Drive Test, Frequency Audit and Planning, Neighbour Optimization, Layer 3 analysis of Log files

4) RF Engineer in Aircom International (India) Pvt. Ltd., Gurgaon (On contract basis), May’07 to Jan’08
Job Profile:
RF and Microwave Survey for several operators on different terrains and clutters across India and Bharti Airtel, Lanka.

5) Consultant- NOC Engineer in Ericsson India Pvt. Ltd., Gurgaon (Off role Basis) for Bharti Airtel, Dec’06
to Apr’07
Job Profile:
Alarm Monitoring, SLA, Escalation Matrices, Fault Management by Remote Handling, Outages and their analysis

Educational Qualification:
Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech.) in Electronics & Communication from UP Technical University, Lucknow (2006).

Employer: Ericsson India Global Services Pvt. Ltd.
Job Title: RF Engineer
Start Month/Year: 11/2011
End Month/Year: Current
City: Noida
Country: India
Description: Not Specified
Employer: Nokia Siemens Networks
Job Title: RF Optimization Engineer
Start Month/Year: 03/2009
End Month/Year: 11/2011
City: Mohali
Country: India

Education & Training
Education Level: Bachelor's Degree
School Name: U. P. Technical University
Major: B. Tech.
City: Lucknow
Country: India
Graduation Date: 08/05/2006
Description: B.Tech. in Electronics and Communications

Language Level
English Fluent

Job Preferences
Job Category: 4g Jobs & LTE
Job Type: Any
Job Status: Immediate
Desired Salary: $0 Unspecified
Desired Location: Not Specified
Willing to Relocate: Yes

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