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Resume Title: RF Engineer - LTE

Resume keywords summary: GSM / WCDMA / LTE, RF Optimization Engineer, Performance Management, Drive Test, Layer 3

Contact Information
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Work Experience
Experience level: 5-10 years
Profile/Cover Letter:
Atulay Yadav
RF Optimization Engineer
Mb.No.+91-9711229067 Email: atulayyadav@yahoo.com
Skype: atulay.yadav

Career Objective:
To achieve professional excellence in RF Planning and Optimization on Standards like GSM/WCDMA/LTE and enhance skills and knowledge in fast changing wireless communication with delivering results.

Professional Synopsis:
•An Engineering Graduate with 6+ years of experience in RF Planning & Optimization.
•Working as RF Engineer in Ericsson Global Services India Pvt. Ltd., Noida.
•Understanding of Standards like GSM / WCDMA / LTE and their Network Architecture, RF Basics and Principles, Proficient Skills in RF Optimization.
•B. Tech. (Electronics & Communication) from UP Technical University, Lucknow with 1st class in 2006.

Technical Expertise:
•Knowledge of complete RAN for LTE, OFDMA and SC-FDMA Principles, Modulation Techniques, Radio Frame Structure, Sub Carriers and their Kinds, Resource Blocks, PRBs, Protocol Stack, Radio Channels (Logical, Transport and Physical) and their mapping, Synchronization(PSS and SSS), PCI Panning, Tracking Area and List, RRC/RAB Scenarios, LTE Antenna System, Mobility Management.
•Understanding of Core elements like SGW, PGW, MME, PCRF and HSS, their Interfaces and their involvement in control and user plane management.
•RSRP, RSRQ, SNR, Layer 3 Analysis of Log files, Features like HARQ, CSFB, SV LTE, VOLGA, VOLTE, failures and other drop/setup failures. Recommending Physical Optimization with RET, Azimuth change based on Dominance, Pilot pollution and after comparing with UMTS coverage footprint.
•Experienced in Rollout Projects on 2G/3G, SCFT, SSVs, Cluster Optimization, Reports and Plots for Coverage, Quality and Throughput, Pre and Post Parameter Tuning.
•Performance Management and RF Optimization of 2G/3G Network on NSN and Ericsson Platform.
•Statistical Analysis for KPI Improvement, Root Cause Analysis (RCA), Identification of Worst Cells Impacting KPIs and performance improvement.
•Experienced in Parameter and Physical Optimization, Neighbour Tuning, Parameter Audit, Features Activation and Evaluation, Pre and Post Analysis.
•Experienced in Drive Test, Logfile Analysis, RF Survey and Microwave Survey.
•Experience on NSN Tools like Netact, Optimizer, Reporting Suite, Reflection, Tang, CM Editor etc.
•Experience on Ericsson Tools like Business Objects (BO), Winfiol, Citrix, Optimi, RNO etc.
•Experience on Tools like TEMS Investigation, Mapinfo, Xeus, Google Earth etc.

Skills and Strengths:
•Good oral and written communication skills, Quick Learner, Analytical Skills, Logical approach to solve issues at its earliest.
•Experienced in preparing excellent document on business requirements.
•Experienced in Customer Interaction, Onsite and Remote Delivery.
•Proactive efforts to avoid escalations, zeal to exceed expectations and play key roles in a team.
•Ability to perform under time constrains with or without direct supervision depending upon the business requirements.

Current Organization and Job Profile:

RF Optimization Engineer in Ericsson Global Services India Pvt. Ltd., Noida, Since Nov’2011
Project: Managed Services for Bharti Airtel Africa
Providing Managed Services on Multi-Vendor Platform through remote delivery for both 2G and 3G Network in African Countries from GSC India. Project involves onsite visit for knowledge transfer to better understand network and work culture. Project started from MAPA Preparation and currently delivery is live with exceeding expectations of customer and organization as a team.

Learning and Activities:

•RF Planning and Optimization of 2G Radio Network on Ericsson and NSN System.
•KPI Performance Improvement, Root Cause Analysis (RCA) for abnormal KPI Degradation, Identification of Worst cells and their performance improvement based on statistical analysis.
•Parameter Tuning and Optimization, Parameter Audit, Physical Optimization, HR Tuning, Neighbour Tuning, Feature Activation and Evaluation.
•Drive Test to check performance after major changes in network, Logfile analysis to identify and troubleshoot issues and complaints.
•Identification of issues effecting network performance like interface congestion, hardware alarms etc. and their escalations to concerned departments and tracking them to get them resolved.
•Customer Complaints with technical issues and providing solutions to customers with satisfaction.
•Preparing power points for highlighting issues, performance and improvements.
•Knowledge sharing and mentoring fresh engineers for their growth within team.

Previous Organizations and Job Profiles:

1) RF Optimization Engineer in Nokia Siemens Networks, Mar’09 to Nov’11

Worked in NSN, for more than 2 years, within different teams.

Managed Services for Maxis Aircel, Punjab

•Involved in Network Planning since initial rollout for 2G and 3G Network on Nokia Platform.
•LAC Planning, Frequency Plan, Raising CRFs for Site Creation, Cross check of sites integrated
•Physical Audit and Optimization, Single Site Optimization, Validation of SSV reports, Cluster Optimization for better coverage and quality.
•Parameter Audit and Tuning, Neighbour Tuning, Feature Activation and Evaluation.
•Parameter Optimization, Statistical Analysis based on ND Reports and Logs, Drive Test Reports and Logfile Analysis Customer complaints.
•XML Preparation and for 3G Site Integration and parameter changes during Network Rollout, Cluster Optimization.
•Optimization to increase coverage, data throughput and doing testing to dig out network issues.
•Streamlining processes, reports and their validation, Coordination with teams and sub vendors for technical support, quality work and meeting targets.

National NPO:
Location : Ahmadabad, Gujarat
A team formed with motto to provide technical support, manpower and expertise throughout NSN Account both onsite and remote support.

Projects Supported:
•Onsite optimization support for Airtel, Mumbai for 3/11 Project to achieve KPI Targets agreed with customer.
•Onsite optimization support for TATA Docomo, UP East after Network Rollout.
•Onsite optimization support for TATA Docomo, Karnataka for post Network rollout.

2) Junior RF Engineer in ADA Cellworks Wireless Engineering Pvt. Ltd. for Vodafone, Gujarat, Jan’08 to Mar’09.

Learning and Activities:
•Drive Test of Single Site and Cluster for Coverage Check, Physical Audit, Frequency Plan, Neighbour Relations.
•Rectification of Sector and Cable Swap, Physical Optimization, Call Drops, Interference Analysis i.e. Co-channel (C/I) and Adjacent Channels (C/A) Interference Analysis.
•Layer 3 message analysis of logfiles i.e. System Information Messages (SIM) for various reasons.
•Report Presentation of the Drive Test and Analysis and Recommendations.

3)RF Engineer in Aircom International (India) Pvt. Ltd., Gurgaon (On contract basis), May’07 to Jan’08.

4)Consultant NOC Engineer in Ericsson India Pvt. Ltd., Gurgaon (Off role Basis) for Bharti Airtel, Dec’06 to Apr’07

Educational Qualification:

Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech.) in Electronics & Communication from U P Technical University, Lucknow (2006).

Other Relevant Details:
•Passport Details
Passport Number— G2351950
Valid Till— April 4th’ 2017
•Total Experience : 6.6 years
•Relevant Experience : 6 years
•Year of Completion of Last Qualification : 2006
Employer: Ericsson India Global Services Pvt. Ltd.
Job Title: RF Engineer
Start Month/Year: 11/2011
End Month/Year: Current
City: Noida
Country: India
Description: Not Specified
Employer: Nokia Siemens Networks
Job Title: RF Optimization Engineer
Start Month/Year: 03/2009
End Month/Year: 11/2011
City: Mohali
Country: India

Education & Training
Education Level: Bachelor's Degree
School Name: U. P. Technical University
Major: B. Tech.
City: Lucknow
Country: India
Graduation Date: 08/05/2006
Description: B.Tech. in Electronics and Communications

Language Level
English Fluent

Job Preferences
Job Category: 4g Jobs & LTE
Job Type: Any
Job Status: Immediate
Desired Salary: $0 Unspecified
Desired Location: Not Specified
Willing to Relocate: Yes

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