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Resume Title: UMTS RF Engineer- Juvelyn Ortiz

Resume keywords summary: RF optmization engineer for Ericsson

Contact Information
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Work Experience
Experience level: 2-5 years
Profile/Cover Letter:
• 4 years experience in GSM Optimization and UMTS Optimization.
• Experienced in GSM and UMTS Drive Test and field measurements.
• Strong background on telecommunications technologies and principles: GSM/UMTS Network Architecture.
• Currently involved in the initial tuning and optimization of Ericsson Brazil- Phase 1 and Phase 2 project with Claro Sao Paulo.


Company : Ericsson Brazil
Project : Ericsson Phase 1 & 2 WCDMA Project for Claro Network
Operator/Vendor : Claro
Location : Sao Paulo, Brazil
Date : May 2008 to November 2008

• Consistency checking using Nexplorer, checking neighbor relations and databases using MCOM
• Post processing the drive test log files in the TEMS Investigation Route Analysis.
• Propose tilt changes, antenna orientation, addition and deletion of neighbors, to improve the KPI for DCR and CSSR for all 3G services.
• Changing of parameters, collect performance counters, get dumps from Network Nodes using Moshell in the OSS.
• Cluster definition and producing cluster optimization report.
• Optimization of the Golden Routes or Major Roads.
• Analyzing 3G to 2G Hard Handover failures and recommend necessary parameter changes.
• Recommend CE, RAXB, and Iub upgrade for the worst performing cells due to congestion.
• Use of Tools post-processing in conjunction with other special purpose built tools.
• Analyzing & investigating special drop calls & Access failures.
• Cluster and Network optimization by detailed analysis of Call Events (Drop Call, Call Failure) and considering, BLER%, Layer 2/3, RLC, RRC, SC, RSCP, RSSI, Ec/Io, Sir, TxPower, Power Control, Parameters and Neighbor List.
• Performs troubleshooting and analysis of subscriber complaints, provides report and recommendation for customer related issue.
• HSDPA testing.

Company : Digitel Mobile Phils. Inc. (Sun Cellular
Project : Ericsson Phase 4 (Alcatel Swap-out), 5, 6 and 7 Project for DMPI
Huawei Phase 5 (Alcatel Swap-out), 5, 7 Project for DMPI
Operator/Vendor : DMPI / Ericsson/ Huawei
Location : Manila, Philippines
Date : November 2004 to May 2008

• Team Leader for the Central Business District of Metro Manila cluster.
• 3G drivetest: testing video call, HSDPA, PS384 and also features such as soft handover and softer handover.
• Analysis of drivetest logs and propose parameter changes, azimuth and tilts to meet the KPI set for the 3G network
• Study and analysis of Huawei RAN R6 Family to optimize the network.
• Generate initial tuning report using TEMS Investigation WCDMA 8.1 Route Analysis to show the management current performance of the 3G network
• Part of the team that analyses the statistics and creates parsing tools using Microsoft Access.
• Conduct drive test for Coverage Verification, Site integration and Site Acceptance using NEMO, Agilent NITRO and Ericsson TEMS.
• Analyze and post process data gathered during drive test using Actix Analyzer and Map Info.
• Ensure the proper collection and maintenance of BSS parameters and maintains historical database of all the sites that evolve during optimization process.
• Formulate drive route definitions for upcoming and existing sites.
• Monitor and analyze the daily performance reports/statistics from OMC and provide possible solutions like parameter adjustments.
• Formulate KPI values (Key Performance Indicators) for the network.
• Knowledgeable in Ericsson BSS Parameters from R10 to R12 07A.
• Statistics gathering using OSS Radio Business Objects
• Command Handling in OSS under Citrix or Winfiol Platform
• Cell Design Data (CDD) Creation and Processing for Phase 4A to Phase 7A of DMPI using Ericsson Equipment in the VISMIN Network
• Interpret, analyze and evaluate network performance through KPI values.
• Implement proposed network enhancements and solutions to improved network functionality.
• Recommend hardware modification such as antenna tilting, re-orientation, additional TRX’s in coordination with RNP group.
• Perform parameter modifications such as Handover threshold, Cell Adjacencies, Power Control and implement other BSC features needed to improve quality of service
• Responsible for collecting QOS (Quality of Service) indicators to check Network Performance and to evaluate solution for network impairments using Alcatel RNO A956 Tool.
• Make recommendations to facilitate solutions regarding a particular problem area. (i.e. no coverage)
• Coordinate with field engineers to best determine the required areas of cellular coverage for all new and existing sites.
• Attended to customer complaints regarding coverage and access problems especially VIP complaints.
• Involve on commissioning, testing and acceptance of newly installed repeaters.
• Conduct in-building coverage/recommend installation of repeaters.
• Finding HW-problems together with the Field Support and OMC-Team.
• Do interface with the different contactors (i.e., Huawei and Ericsson)

• Optimization Tool
o Ericsson Business Object
o Huawei Nastar
o Alcatel RNO A956
• OSS Tool
o Ericsson OSS under Citrix or Winfiol Platform
o Huawei IM2000
o Alcatel A1353-RA
• WCDMA/EDGE Drivetest Tool
o TEMS Investigation WCDMA 8.1 Data Collection
• GSM/GPRS Drivetest Tool
o TEMS Investigation 4.1
o NEMO Drivetest Tool
o Agilent NITRO
• Post Processing Tool
o TEMS Investigation WCDMA 8.1 Route Analysis
o TEMS Deskcat 5.2
• GIS Software
o Mapinfo 6.0 to 9.0
o Google Earth
• WCDMA Radio Access Network Planning Tool
o TEMS Cell Planner 7.1 (WCDMA)
• GSM Radio Network Planning Tool
o TEMS Cell Planner Universal 5.2 and 7.1
o Alcatel A955 Radio Network Planning Tool
o Garmin III Plus
o Garmin V Plus
• RFI tool
o Spectrum Analyzer


 Pimsleur Language Learning System - Brazilian Portuguese Level 1
Manila, January 2008-present
 Lynda.com Video Training - Access 2007 Essential Training
Manila, December 2007-January 2008
 Lynda.com Video Training - Excel 2007 Essential Training
Manila, September 2007 to November 2007
 TEMS Investigation and DeskCat
Ericsson Philippines
Manila, November 3-6 2004
• Radio Network SKT
Ericsson Philippines
Manila, November 23-26 2004
 WCDMA Radio Network Design Product Presentation/Workshop
Ericsson Philippines
Manila, June 2006
 RBS 3000 Product Presentation/Workshop
Ericsson Philippines
Philippines, June 2006
 NEMO Tool for 2G/3G Workshop
DMPI Office
Manila, May 2006
 NASTAR Planning and Optimization Workshop
Huawei Philippines
Manila, April 2007

Educations and Accreditations
 Mapua Institute of Technology
Bachelor in Electronics and Communications Engineering
Manila Philippines, January 2003

Languages and Dialects:
 English
Read: Fluent
Write: Fluent
Speak: Fluent
 Brazilian Portuguese
Read: Moderate
Write: Moderate
Speak: Moderate
 Tagalog
Read: Fluent
Write: Fluent
Speak: Fluent
 Ilocano
Read: Fluent
Write: Fluent
Speak: Fluent

 Joel Philamer Quinez
Ericsson Philippines
+639178452696 / +6327891877
 Pacita Rubiales
Ericsson Philippines
+639175302502 / +639228033638 / +6327891943

Employer: Ericsson
Job Title: WCDMA Consultant
Start Month/Year: 05/2008
End Month/Year: 11/2008
City: Sao Paulo
Country: Brazil
Description: Optimization for the Claro 3G network.

Education & Training
Education Level: Bachelor's Degree
Country: Philippines
Graduation Date: 30/01/2003
Description: Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineer

Language Level
English Fluent

Job Preferences
Job Category: WCDMA Optimisation
Job Type: Contract
Job Status: Immediate
Desired Salary: $-1000 a month
Desired Location: Any
Willing to Relocate: Yes

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