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Resume Title: RF Engineer


Contact Information
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Work Experience
Experience level: 5-10 years
Profile/Cover Letter:




- Experience with UMTS, GSM/GPRS/EDGE and WiMAX Mobile (IEEE 802.16e) Networks.

- Planning and design of RF networks, frequency and BSIC plan, scrambling code plan, prediction analysis (coverage and interference), neighbor list, link budget, technical site survey, frequency clearing, traffic dimensioning, qualification of candidates.

- Optimization, drive test, service measurement(counters and indicators) and layer 3 analysis, voice and data traffic analysis, physical and logical parameters adjustments as handover, power control, access. Perform reports of QoS, performance, traffic and worst cells. IRAT activation and optimization and R99 and HSDPA analysis.

- Physical Layer wireless knowledge: modulation, codification, single and multiple antennas (MIMO), spectral analysis (mask, band occupied, interference).

- Excel Advanced (Macros, functions) and database knowledge (SQL Server, Access).


- Nov.2008
1st IFIP WIRELESS DAYS CONFERENCE 2008: Paper published on this international Conference, titled “Using MIMO Adaptive Transmission for Increasing the Throughput of a Multihop Wireless Network”, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

- Sept.2008
XXVI Simpósio Brasileiro de Telecomunicações (SBrT’08): Paper published on the XXVI Brazilian Symposium of Telecomunication, titled “Otimização de rotas em redes MIMO múltiplos saltos com métricas inter-camadas”, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

- Mar.2008
Nokia Siemens Networks: Training of UMTS planning and optimization, 30 hours. São Paulo, Brazil.

- Feb.2007
UTFPR – Universidade Tecnológica Federal do Paraná: special study for MSc. comparing UMTS, WiMAX and CDMA200, Curitiba, Brazil.


- MS-Office (Word, Excel, Access, Project, Visio and Powerpoint) and Internet.

- Prediction Tools: A955, ASSET, NetAct, Planet and U-Net.

- Post Processing Tools: OPAS, Nitro, Nemo, Gladiator, NQDI and Genex Assistant and Probe.

- Geo Processing Tools: Mapinfo, Global Mapper and Google Earth.

- Spectrum Analyser: Agilent and Rohde&Schwarz.

- Programming Languages: C/C++, Matlab, Java, PHP and HTML.

- Database: MySQL, Access, SQL Server and Postgre.
Employer: Huawei Telecommunication
Job Title: RF engineer
Start Month/Year: 04/2008
End Month/Year: Current
City: Curitiba
Country: Brazil
Description: Planning and Optimization of Claro's 3G Network in PR and SC states.
-Perform RF planning.
-Cluster optimization based on drive test, layer 3 and service measurement analysis.
-Traffic, performance (KPI) and worst cells analysis.
-Cell optimization (down-tilt, azimuth, RF parameters as HO, power control, access).
-Neighbor list creation and optimization, soft(er) handover optimization.
-IRAT activation and optimization.
-R99 and HSDPA analysis.
-Perform reports (PDRF, PFRF, SSV, NRR, Frequency Clearing, Cluster and KPI’s).
Employer: Nokia Siemens Networks
Job Title: RF Consultant
Start Month/Year: 09/2007
End Month/Year: 04/2008
City: Curitiba
Country: Brazil
Description: 3G Network Planning of Claro's Network in PR and SC states
-RF design of Claro’s 3G network.
-Technical Site Survey (TSS) analysis and RF solution indication.
-Prediction analysis: best server, interference (EcIo), pilot coverage (RSCP), Monte Carlo simulation, static analysis.

RF Optimization of Brasil Telecom's GSM Network in PR and SC states.
-GSM/GPRS/EDGE optimization through the service measurement analysis.
-Performance monitoring and QoS analysis.
-Traffic analysis and dimensioning for data and voice.
-RF parameter adjustments and optimization (logical and physical).
-Perform frequency plan, neighbor list and drive test analysis.
-Worst cells reports (drop call, call setup failure, handover failure, access failure).
Employer: TVA Sul Paraná
Job Title: RF engineer
Start Month/Year: 03/2007
End Month/Year: 09/2007
City: Curitiba
Country: Brazil
Description: WiMAX Trial to TVA/Telefonica in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Curitiba
-Site survey, coverage plan and OFDM/OFDMA network design and dimensioning.
-Test of WiMax equipments from Motorola, Nortel and Samsung.
-Development of test book following the standard IEEE 802.16E.
-Interference analysis between WiMax and MMDS system.
Employer: Huawei Tecnologies
Job Title: RF Consultant
Start Month/Year: 09/2006
End Month/Year: 03/2007
City: Curitiba
Country: Brazil
Description: Planning and Optimization of VIVO's GSM Network in PR and SC states
-RF Network design (coverage, interference and traffic dimensioning).
-Frequency and BSIC plan and neighbor list creation.
-Cluster optimization based on analysis of drive test and layer 3.
-Trouble shooting through the analysis of service measurement, equipment trace and drive test.
-Cell optimization: down-tilt, azimuth, antenna type, RF parameters.
-Traffic and performance tracking.
Employer: Henger Solutions
Job Title: RF Engineer
Start Month/Year: 06/2005
End Month/Year: 09/2006
City: Curitiba
Country: Brazil
Description: Development of GPRS System for remote monitoring
-Founder of the company.
-Implementation of GPRS commands and protocols.
-Implementation of TCP/IP protocols for embedded systems.
-Analysis of GPRS Network resources, quality and coverage.
Employer: Alcatel Telecommunication
Job Title: RF trainee
Start Month/Year: 06/2004
End Month/Year: 06/2005
City: Curitiba
Country: Brazil
Description: Planning and Optimization of Brasil Telecom’s GSM Network in PR state
-Frequency plan, neighbor list and cell planning.
-Cell site evaluation and selection.
-Design and dimensioning of the GSM network.
-Frequency re-use analysis.
-KPI’s analysis (using RNO).
-Drive test analysis and optimization.
-Perform TSS and PDRF’s.
Employer: Siemens
Job Title: Trainee
Start Month/Year: 04/2003
End Month/Year: 03/2004
City: Curitiba
Country: Brazil
Description: Software development for telephone exchange
-Development of telephone exchange using C and C++ language, following OSI Model.
-Analysis of digital and analogical telephone systems.
-Traffic design.
-Tests of the hardware and software application.
Employer: Tecne
Job Title: Network designer
Start Month/Year: 11/2001
End Month/Year: 03/2002
City: Curitiba
Country: Brazil
Description: Fixed network design
-Field survey about the capacity of the local exchange.
-Fixed network design, using Autocad.
-Analysis of network capacity.

Education & Training
Education Level: Master's Degree
School Name: UTFPR
Major: Wireless Telecommunication
City: Curitiba
Country: Brazil
Graduation Date: 27/07/2007
Description: MSc. Thesis:
"Wireless Network Optimization using multiple antennas and multi hop"
Education Level: Bachelor's Degree
School Name: CEFET-PR
Major: Industrial Electrical Engineering with emphasis in Telecommunication
City: Curitiba
Country: Brazil
Graduation Date: 27/05/2005
Description: Undergraduate Dissertation:
"Remote Monitoring of vending machine through the GPRS Network"

Language Level
English Fluent
Portuguese Fluent
French Intermediate

Job Preferences
Job Category: RF Engineering Jobs
Job Type: Any
Job Status: Flexible
Desired Salary: $70000 per year
Desired Location: Canada
Willing to Relocate: Yes

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