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Resume Title: 3G RF Optimization Engineer

Resume keywords summary: 17121988

Contact Information
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Work Experience
Experience level: 5-10 years
Profile/Cover Letter:
I have 6 years of experience in telecommunication. My experience comprises of RF fields especially 3G Optimization.I have involved in building Project Integration at the early part of my career and 3G RF Optimization Project at the later part of my career.

My latest additional experience is 3G RF Optimization Engineer responsible for analytical Worst Cell performing, Neighbors Audit, Cluster maintenance and VIP Complaint. I Have experience in 3G optimization for NOKIA and ERICSSON Equipment, and I was actively involved in WCDMA roll out project in Indonesia. I involved more on drive test, Radio Network Planning and Transmission, mainly doing drive test for operator & log file analysis, I have Responsibilities on drive test Data Analysis, Radio Optimization Regarding Monitoring and handle Customer Complaint and Improve Network Performances, Planning new sites based on network audit performances and coordinate with Transmission team to monitoring and maintenance service quality, at the beginning of my carrier I involved In building Planning and Optimize include new site or retrofit site.

In my career, I have carried out a wide range of tasks in telecommunication projects, such as technical site survey, loss survey, design planning for indoor project, network planning and some optimization for GSM/WCDMA, and BOQ preparation, also link budget calculation.
Employer: SML Technologies
Job Title: 3G RF Optimization Engineer
Start Month/Year: 02/2009
End Month/Year: Current
City: Jakarta
Country: Indonesia
Description: * Neighbors audit, add/deleted and analyzing neighbor database, relation and correlate with HO statistic
* Parameter audit standardization, checking and make correction for inconsistent parameter
* Daily network performance monitoring and identify network performance degradation (accessibility,retain ability and integrity) and give recommendation to solve
* Monitoring performances +/- 3600 cells in jabodetabek area under telkomsel network
* Analyze worst performing cells, worst drive test pr
Employer: SML Technologies
Job Title: 3G RF Optimization Engineer
Start Month/Year: 01/2009
End Month/Year: 02/2009
City: Jakarta
Country: Indonesia
Description: • 3G Optimization Engineer for Ericsson Project used Ericsson Equipment
• Improvement CS KPI, PS KPI, and HSDPA KPI such as CCSR (Accessibility), CCSR (Retain Ability), SHO and ISHO (Mobility) in South SUMATERA Area
• Analyzing neighbor database relation and correlate in order improve HO statistic
• Consistency Checking and create / deleted neighbors
• Prepare database parameter before analyze the measurement
• Coverage Assessment to adjust coverage which effect interference pro
Employer: UCE International
Job Title: 3G RF Optimization Engineer
Start Month/Year: 06/2007
End Month/Year: 12/2008
City: Jakarta
Country: Indonesia
Description: • 3G Optimization Engineer for Nokia Project used Nokia Equipment
• Radio Network Optimization VIP and VVIP (Telkomsel Board Management) route benchmarking.
• Radio Network Optimization for any complaint from VIP and VVIP list
• Drive Test analysis along VIP and VVIP road way from office to their houses
• Drive Test, Walktest, Stationary test analysis for any complaint came from VIP and VVIP List (3g and HSDPA complaint )
• Planning of re-homing sites to new RNC ( 2G & 3G Re-hom
Employer: UCE International
Job Title: 2G/3G RF Drive test Engineer Team Leader
Start Month/Year: 12/2006
End Month/Year: 06/2007
City: Jakarta
Country: Indonesia
Description: Area of Responsibility:
• Involved in drive test for Telkomsel 3G trial network in Jakarta which is include Pilot scan (ECNO and RSCP), AMR call and DL Downloaded.
• Involved in drive Test for Telkomsel which is include VIP drive test for Telkomsel, Benchmarking drive test comparison between Excelcom and Telkomsel, Monthly drive test for Telkomsel, ISHO (Intra System Hand Over) and RAU (Routing Area Updating) for Telkomsel.
• Use scenario drive test with AMR Voice Call, Video Call, Vide
Employer: ENC Sdn bhd
Job Title: 2G/3G RF Design Planning % Optimization Engineer
Start Month/Year: 09/2005
End Month/Year: 11/2006
City: Jakarta
Country: Indonesia
Description: Area of Responsibility:
• Responsible for New site planning, candidate assessment to find the best candidate for the search area for 900, 1800 GSM network and UMTS (micro cell).
• Responsible for LOS Survey for the new locations, check Far End and Near End Condition, Coordinate and E1 for cross connection.
• Responsible for Site Survey: to define better antenna position, BTS location, Rectifier Location, feeder and the equipment inside riser, Microwave and Pole Location.
• Site desig
Employer: Global Technologies Engineering
Job Title: Telecommunication Engineer
Start Month/Year: 01/2004
End Month/Year: 07/2005
City: Bandung
Country: Indonesia
Description: Area of Responsibility:
Network Operation & Maintenance, at the BSS (Base Station Subsystem) Level
• Performed troubleshooting of BTS and Backhaul (2Mb) equipment
• Troubleshooting at the BSC level. In charge of programming the 2Mb interface, and file downloading for Common Processor Unit.
• Perform maintenance BTS and BSC links and drops.
• Commissioning for new site on air

• Technical support and problem solving for troubleshooting Indosat Project
Employer: Bringin Jiwa Sejahtera
Job Title: Field under Writer Spv
Start Month/Year: 04/2003
End Month/Year: 12/2003
City: Jakarta
Country: Indonesia
Description: Area of Responsibility:
• Responsible for Customer new rate Policy (Personal and Company)
• Responsible for claim Customer Insurance Policy
• Create new Product for Company Insurance
• Responsible for calculate Customer demands for JUP and benefits Insurance

Education & Training
Education Level: Bachelor's Degree
School Name: STT Telecom
Major: Telecommunication
City: Bandung
Country: Indonesia
Graduation Date: 20/03/2003
Description: Final Project:
Implementation GIS for arrangement Telephone Network System in STT TElkom Bandung

Language Level
English Fluent

Job Preferences
Job Category: WCDMA Optimisation
Job Type: Contract
Job Status: Flexible
Desired Salary: $0 per year
Desired Location: ANY
Willing to Relocate: Yes

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