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Resume Title: GSM 2G & 3G WCDMA O&M/Installatin/Commissioning Expert

Resume keywords summary: GSM 2G & 3G WCDMA Core Network O&M/Installation/Commissioning Specialist

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Work Experience
Experience level: 2-5 years
Profile/Cover Letter:

• More than 15 years experience working with a wide range of telecom equipment, installations, commissioning and interoperability of telecommunications systems.
• Installed NSN central office equipment MSS (DX200), MGW, HLRi, SGSN & RNC.
• Performed PAT (Provisional Acceptance Testing) test of UMTS 3G/2G Core network (MSOFTX3000,RNC,UMG8900,iGWB,iManager & Siemens D900 MSC/VLR)
• Performed O&M tasks for 2G & 3G WCDMA CN (Core network) from NOC.
• Integrated GSM nodes GMSC,MSC/VLR,HLR,IN SSF,EIR,STP in the GSM network.
• Implemented the Upgrade / Patch Updates and Cutover activities for the CN network, and prepared Data Base Configuration Commands.
• Integrated BSC’s using SS7 over TDM and SS7 over IP “SIGTRAN” Protocols and Integration with Ericsson GMSC, STPs, and HUAWEI RNC’s
• Worked in Performance Management Team to improve the KPI’s in the CN.
• Awarded for the best staff in Emirates Telecom (Etisalat) UAE and Pakistan Telecom (PTCL) Companies for achieving the targets.
• Coordinated with Field Technicians as required to troubleshoot network problems
• Efficient with Windows NT, Win-XP, MS Office and Lotus Note.


Replacement of Siemens 2G GSM CN (Core Network) with Huawei (2G/3G WCDMA) Soft Switches in Emirates Telecommunication Etisalat U.A.E.

•Handled significant project involving the replacement of existing five Siemens 2G MSC’s with 3 Huawei Soft Switches (2G MSC\VLR) with 12 BSC’s, and integration of 2 new 3G Huawei (WCDMA) switches with 6 Media gateways and 10 RNC’s
•Tasks included initial turn up of MSOFTX3000,MGW8900,IGWB,SIWF,RNC(BSC6800) & iManager based H/W, complete functional testing and commissioning, preparing and loading data transcripts as per Etisalat numbering plan, and integrating the node with PLMN & PSTN networks.
•Fully involved in the installation, Commissioning and integration of database from the scratch for new Huawei Lab. (2G/3G) to test Hardware/Software solutions prior to implement in the live network.
•Handled significant project in PTCL involving the replacement of existing 40000 Lines four Electromechanical EMD exchanges with Digital SIEMENS EWSD Switches and two NWD exchanges with Siemens EWSD Transit/Tandem Exchanges.
•Installed & Commissioned Siemens SSNC in Etisalat UAE.
•Developed Statistic performance reports in MS-Excel for quick observation of KPI’s.

Switch Installer 24/11/2008 to Date
S.Com.Inc. (EXi Parsons Telecom LLc) (www.exiparsons.com)
Working on Nokia Siemens (NSN) Central Office (CORE) equipment installation project for Telus Mobilty and Videotron Canada. The scope of work includes,
•Installation of Nokia MSS (DX200), MGW (IPA2800), HLRi, SGSN (DX200), RNC, Nokia Flexi Server (GGSN), CISCO Router 7609-S, DNS Server and Nokia Firewall.
•Laying and termination of LAN (CAT 6) and DC Power cables.
•Laying and termination of Fiber, Signal, Clock and Alarm cables.

Chief Technician 2001- 2008
Emirates Telecom Company Etisalat UAE (www.etisalat.ae)

•Performed daily O&M tasks and health checks of GSM Core Network (MSOFTX3000, MGW8900, SIWF, iManager ,IGWB,HLR, RNC’s & MSC/VLR’s).
•Monitored HW/SW Alarms from NOC and Localized faults with corrective measures.
•Integrated new cell sites for 2G & new Node-B’s for 3G in the CN.
•Performed Upgrades / Patch Updates and Cutover activities in the CN.
•Defined/Tested & Commissioned new T1’s, PRI’s and STM’s with other NE‘s (MSC’s, BSC’s, GW’s, STP’s & PSTN) with the coordination of transport network team.
•Implemented Signaling (MTP, ISUP, SCCP, TCAP, INAP, MAP and SS7), routed MSRN, Handover, B-Number and GT address in the Wireless Core Network.
•Executed the changes on the network as directed by Etisalat Management.
•Initiated the Daily, Weekly and Monthly preventative maintenance according to the standards to ensure reliable, efficient and secure operations.
•Monitored daily traffic for BHCA, Total Sub, Processor Load, Route Traffic, Location Update Success, Paging Success and SMS Success rates.
•Supported contact centre for critical User complaints using the trace Management system and analyzing the Alarm Logs.
•Saved system backup and CDR backup as per scheduled dates.
•Ienerated HW/SW fault reports and follow up with the venders for quick response.
•Maintained inventory of required parts and perform regular audits to ensure availability of parts and maintain current documentation of site status, complete trouble tickets, deficiency tickets, incident reports and other required reports.

Engineering Supervisor 1992 -2001
Pakistan Telecom Company Limited PTCL (www.ptcl.com.pk)

•Worked in one of the biggest OMC in PTCL, which is controlling 36 Host (EWSD & SDE) and 47 Remote exchanges, as an O&M Specialist and Commissioning Engineer.
•Handled Emergencies occurred in exchanges 24hrs. (Systems break down).
•Upgraded and tested EWSD Switching Hardware.
•Created the data base for proper routing, zoning, and CCS7 links etc.
•Upgraded Application Program System (APS) of exchanges to newer versions.
•Performed APS (System Backup), AMA (Billing files), and backup of history files.
•Administered and monitored routing, traffic, and subscriber lines and trunks.
•Monitored the PSTN Network performance reports to optimize the quality of CN.
•Coordinated with Access Network, Cable Transmission, Data Switching ,Core voice maintenance sections to provide New BRI / PRI / DID / / V5.2 / X25 services.
•Hardware Maintenance & preparation of trouble reports and follow up with Vendors.
•Respond to trouble reports of network problems by performing effective problem analysis, rapid troubleshooting diagnosis and prompt repair to ensure service restore objectives are met.

Bachelor Of Science in Mathematics & Physic 1987-1990
Pre-Service training in Telecom. Engineering 1990-1992
With the following specialized subjects:-
1. Computer Hardware & Data Com. 2. Computer Software
3. AXE-10 & EWSD Switching Systems. 4. SPC Techniques
5. Electrical Equipments. 6. Line Transmission


•MSOFTX3000 and UMG8900 Engineer Training M/S Huawei Technologies
•iGWB Engineer Training. Co. Ltd. Dubai (UAE)
•iManager M2000 V2 Engineer Training. --- do ---
•Voice Over IP Etisalat Academy Dubai
•Understanding CAMEL --- do ---
•Advance Signaling System No.7 --- do ---
•Introduction to Operation & Maintenance of EWSD --- do ---
•EWSD System Operation --- do ---
•Introduction to AXE-10 Course PTCL Telecom. Staff
•Basic Operation of AXE-10 Course College Pakistan
•Three Weeks Training in EWSD CP113 --- do ---
•Computer Networking with windows NT4.0 --- do ---
•Office Automation Course(DOS,MS-Excel, MS-Word) --- do ---
•SSNC Standard Operation and Maintenance Tasks I & C Training Institute
•SSS Traffic Measurement & Analysis with SPOTS M/S Siemens UAE
•Advanced training as Operation & Maintenance (O&M) M/S Siemens
Specialists for Siemens Switching System (EWSD)


References will be provided upon request.
No submited work experiences

Education & Training
No submited educations

Language Level
English Fluent

Job Preferences
Job Category: Core Engineering
Job Type: Full-Time Employee
Job Status: Immediate
Desired Salary: $0 per year
Desired Location: Ontario Canada
Willing to Relocate: Yes

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