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Resume Title: Jaco Roets Resume

Resume keywords summary: RF Radio Telecommunication Planning

Contact Information
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Work Experience
Experience level: 10 +
Profile/Cover Letter:
Whom it may concern

I have enclosed my CV to support any possible positions that might fit my skill profile. In it you will see that I would bring some important skills, including:

• 16 years of radio installation planning and optimization experience
• Planning tools like Arcview, ICS Telecoms (GIS) and Pathloss 3.0 for coverage and propagation planning.
• Site survey experience and a very good knowledge of mapping site coordinates on to a TOPO map and to export this data in to Pathloss for an accurate landscape model for antenna height to optimize possible multi path interference.
• Office and Windows XP experience
• Very good experience with frequency optimization and reduce the possibilities of RF interference.
• Excellent Link budget knowledge and done a Space diversity HOP in Samoa over a water path.
• Excellent experience on equipment commissioning and performance analyses and trouble shooting on Multi point systems and point to point SDH Microwave system single and Space Diversity.
• Antenna and waveguide return loss measurement experience
• Antenna alignment of multi sector antennas like DECT/GSM/Wimax antenna panels and Andrew MW antennas.
• Self motivation and dedication

My currently position was disestablished at Fujitsu NZ as Telecoms Systems Engineer and because of the current world financial crises. I have really enjoyed this role, and the chance that it has given me to work in the Telecommunications pre-sales engineering environment and to build a strong foundation of customer service skills.

I would enjoy discussing an opportunity and how my skills will be an advantage.

I would be pleased to attend an interview with you and look forward to hearing from you in this respect.

Yours sincerely

Jaco Roets

Employer: Fujitsu New Zealand
Job Title: Telecoms Systems Engineer
Start Month/Year: 09/2007
End Month/Year: 03/2009
City: Wellington
Country: New Zeland
Description: Telecoms Systems Engineer (Fujitsu NZ)

Planning of Telco SDH Microwave systems and spur/access Radio links for Fujitsu NZ customers in the pacific Island and Australia and PNG.

Immediate responsibilities:
• FRX2E+ SDH Radio system support
• UTStarcom MUX support
• FRX2E+SDH Radio install and commissioning (Single and space diversity SDH radio configurations)
• Andrew Dehydrators and antennas (customer support)
• Telecommunications presales project Bid and pricing calculations for new projects.
• Technical support with link budgets for future SDH Microwave links by means of Pathloss link budget prediction tool.
• Design brand new Telco sites:
o Building requirements like Ventilation, cable and waveguide trays, rack positions and Rack Heights.
o Antenna brackets for Microwave Antennas
o Tower and site earth design and earth measurement
• Calculate all new equipment power demand for Fujitsu Contractor Eaton to design a proper power plant autonomy for Solar Hybrid power systems, Dual Genset power plant configurations, and AC feed/ Genset power plants.

Equipment Experience at Fujitsu:

• FRX2E+ SDH Microwave Radio (Long Haul Radio)
• UTStarcom Mux
• Andrew Dehydrators

Additional knowledge:

• Knowledge of Fibre Propagations and Desertion Model and the importance and effect it has on the BER performance Single and Multimode (DWDM) Fibre transmission equipment.
• The function and the use of Optical Amplifiers and pre-amplifiers and DCM (Dispersion Compensation Model)

Test Equipment Experience at Fujitsu:

• Anritsu Site Master 820C and D
• Anritsu MLA 538 to adjust Radio group delays for Space diversity commissioning
• HP spectrum Analyzer (Various models used as these equipment was normally rental equipment) - Used this equip to align antennas before the threshold of Radio equipment receiver can detect remote transmitter.
• HP RF Power Meter
• ANT20 SDH tester
Employer: Telstra Clear
Job Title: Premium support specialist
Start Month/Year: 10/2006
End Month/Year: 10/2007
City: Auckland
Country: New Zeland
Description: • Have a clear understanding of WAN and LAN networks.
• Trouble shooting of Frame relay circuits, voice trouble shooting on the Switches and PIP circuit’s voice and data and ATM configuration trouble shooting.
• Trouble shooting PVC Circuits, 64k, 2Meg Circuits and voice and VOIP related faults.

Immediate responsibilities:

• Dealing with all customer fault related queries
• Providing 1st & 2ND Level support to customers
• Technical issues resolved at front of house where possible
• Liaising with 3rd party suppliers to resolve more technical issues
• Logging into Routers & Core Switches and Transmission equipment to diagnose/resolve faults.
• Use all available resources to develop personal abilities and product knowledge to assist good customer services
• Escalation point for any faults/issues that are in Jeopardy
• Providing help/mentoring to other team members

Employer: ACE Telecom
Job Title: Team leader (contract)
Start Month/Year: 04/2005
End Month/Year: 05/2005
City: Accra
Country: Ghana
Description: Responsibilities:

• Contractor and Team Leader for ACE Telecom, building Scancom’s 2nd Back haul Network in Accra in Ghana.
• Installing 16x2, 4x2 and SDH Microwave diversity and space diversity links.

Equipment installed:

• Stratex XP4, Altium STM1, Eclipse SDH/STM1 microwave systems.
Employer: Telkom SA
Job Title: Telecoms Electrician
Start Month/Year: 01/1990
End Month/Year: 03/2005
City: Pretoria
Country: South Africa
Description: Telematics/Data Section (Telkom SA Ltd)

• 1990 – 1992 working as an apprenticed as a DATA technician

Worked at Transmission build team/construction team:

• Installing high-order MUX equipment (Altech)
• Installing 34 Mb/s fibre optic equipment
• Installing NEC6/12 Radio Equipment
• Installing Plessey RTS2 Radio equipment
• Team Leader at installation of 300 site Bethal DRMASS equipment (TDMA).
• Installing PDR 2 channel Radio equipment.
• Installing Ericsson Minilink-E equipment 4x2,16x2 and 8x2
• Installing PDR3 Plessey MW equipment 4x2, 8x2, 16x2 and 10/100base T Ethernet.
• Installing SR500 Radio equipment (TDMA)
• Part of a team building a Passive Reflector.
• Installing of the power to all equipment from -50vdc power feed.

Working at Radio and MW Planning

• High level trouble shooting of coverage problems on Alcatel and Lucent Dect networks and DRMASS ISM interference problems.
• Monitoring of Network loading to determent equipment utilization or elang on Radio networks.
• Planning of fixed cell DECT networks (Alcatel and Lucent) (Fixed cell application).
• Design and invent the Diamond Azimuth tool to help with the measuring of antenna Azimuth. Telkom SA Ltd is the patent owner.
• Planning of Transmission MW networks and back haul links for corporate customers and GSM networks in South Africa (North eastern region) as main and protection networks.
• Path calculations and engineering for frequency optimization keeping the front to back ratio of antennas, rain fade and reflection that cause multi path fading.
• Using Path loss and ICS Telecom and Arcview as coverage indicators.
• Solutions specialist for customer far from Telecom infrastructure to provide them with a solutions by means of Microwave Equipment using existing Telecom masts and client’s private masts.
• Planning/engineering of Ericsson Minilink-E and Plessey PDR 3 -8, Siemens SDH MW hops and Alcatel and Lucent Dect fixed cell networks.
• Planning of Passive Repeaters for MW Links with limited Line of sight.
• Site identification for new Radio/ MW sites.

Working at Transmission Planning

• Compiling of planning document for small Microwave links
• Compiling and the planning of any 2meg installation on existing infrastructure like fibre systems and 2Mb/s HDSL systems and SDH equipment.
• The support on the installation of new circuits.

Working at Netplan/ Small World

• LNI (Logical Network) capturing building, room, rack, shelf, card, port number.
• PNI (Physical Network Information) PIP and PVC and frame port (layer 2 connectivity)
• Updating Telkom SA’s Netplan/ Smallworld data base for easier fault finding to improve customer service.

Education & Training
Education Level: Other
School Name: Hoërskool/High School Delmas
Major: Telkom SA Colledge
City: Olifants Fontein
Country: South Africa
Graduation Date: 01/03/1992
Description: • 1989 School Certificate : Maths/English/Afrikaans/Geography/Technical Drawings &
Metal work/Science
• 1992 Telecommunication Diploma : Data & Transmission
• NZQA Qualification: Level 4 Telecommunication National Diploma

Language Level
English Fluent

Job Preferences
Job Category: Other
Job Type: Contract
Job Status: Immediate
Desired Salary: $60 per hour
Desired Location: Anywhere
Willing to Relocate: Yes

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