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Resume Title: telecom Engineer-SDH,DWDM,NEC MICROWAVE

Resume keywords summary: • Installation & commissioning, troubleshooting of SDH (MUX) STM1 up to STM-64, DWDM, DXC-ALCATEL/FIBCOM, TETRA systems (EBTS). • Installation & commi

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Work Experience
Experience level: 2-5 years
Profile/Cover Letter:

Mb.No. +93700802562



To hold a position of responsibility in an organization with an opportunity for the growth of the organization along with having a long-term relationship and to conduct myself in such a manner so as to uphold the dignity of the profession

• 4 years Experience in Telecom Field.
• Installation & commissioning, troubleshooting of SDH (MUX) STM1 up to STM-64, DWDM, DXC-ALCATEL/FIBCOM, TETRA systems (EBTS)
• Installation & commissioning, troubleshooting of NEC, NERA,SIAE Microwave SDH & PDH links.


Working in Telephone Systems International in Network Rollout Department, Gurgoan as a Sr. Transmission Engineer from 12th April, 2010 to till date.


Operator: - Afghan Wireless Communication Company (AWCC)
Responsibility:-:-Working as a Rollout Engineer in Kabul, Afghanistan.
1) Installation & Commissioning, troubleshooting of NERA, SIAE MICROWAVE, - SDH/PDH -1+1, 1+0.-hot-standby links
2) We have execute the whole site till acceptance Testing and submitted reports to upper authority
3) Maintain alarm & fault monitoring detailed report of all backbone sites
4) We have coordinate all activities related planning & generate detail technical network/system proposals base on technology and our product offerings and coordinate all the team.

Working in L & T Infotech Ltd in Telecom Operations Group, Delhi as a Sr. Engineer from 2nd January, 2009 to March 2010.

Work Responsibility:-Working as Sr.Engineer in Railtel-connectivity Project, Jharsuguda-Orissa
1) Installation & Commissioning, troubleshooting of SDH/PMUX, DWDM-Alcatel-1660, 1662, 1650, Fibcom-6325, SDH Microwave Links
2) We have execute the whole site till acceptance Testing and submitted reports to upper authority
3) Doing software up gradation as per customer requirement.
4) Maintain alarm & fault monitoring detailed report.
5) Generate detail technical network/system proposals base on technology and our product offerings.

Worked in ARYA COMMUNICATIONS & ELECTRONICS SERVICES PVT. LTD on Transmission Management Services as a Sr.Project Engineer from 2nd February 2007 to Dec 2008, New Delhi.
Work Responsibility:-

1) Responsible for Installation & Commissioning, troubleshooting of SDH(Mux)STM-1 TO STM- 16(BTS, BSC & MSC site)and in fiber environment as client BHARTI,TATA,VSNL (STM-1 to STM-16,STM 64)

2) Doing all acceptance tests (sdh testing of multiplexer STM-1 up to STM-16(syncronization, work to protect and, capacity testing, optical TX power, Rx sensitivity, and all other testing.) and send AT reports to upper level.
3) Hand experience on sdh tester like ANT-5,EXFO, and Optical analyzer- ONT-50,ANDO,EXFO, Eagle photonics-20
4) All SDH Equipment knowledge of ALCATEL- LUCENT(1642 STM- 4,1660 STM-64,1662 STM-16,DWDM-1626,DXC-1678,1696) and troubleshooting them



Worked in UP East & Haryana as a PROJECT ENGINEER from 4th June, 2007 to 22nd sep,2007

• Installation & Commissioning of SDH MUX of alcatel (1660-STM64,1662-STM16,1642-STM4) -Haryana
• Preparing site-specific documents, And MIS report send to appropriate authority.
• Working as a Project Coordinator for Region – Jharkhand ,Bihar for Project DXC -1678 implementation
• Doing software upgradation for SDH sites i.e. rel 3.2 to 5.2 b.
• Doing Alarm monitoring & fault management.

• Worked as a Project engineer in Project Engineering Services in U.P West & Delhi from1st oct,2007 to 4th nov,2007


NEC microwave working as engineer for installation & commissioning, troubleshooting of PDH, SDH links (1+0), (1+1) and also completes the acceptance testing sheets for these hops.


Working as a Project engineer- (SDH)


a) Equipment: Alcatel-1626-DWDM,1678-DXC
b) Installation and commissioning of 1626-DWDM, 1678-DXC
c) Retrofit of TRBD cards in bharti sites in equipment –(1626 DWDM)
d) Maintain the stability with the help of analyzer, making cross connections
e) Channel balancing spectrum the help of optical spectrum analyzer
f) In the specific sites well Test receiver sensitivity in 1626-DWDM in Transponders cards in
g) WDM side as well as Client side
h) Working as TAC engineer in Bharti Airtel for software upgradation i.e., rel 2.0.3 to rel.3.65 conversion as per customer requirement
i) Working as SDH engineer in Bharti Airtel–Lamda addition project.
j) Working as Tech support engineer in bharti project- Matrix up gradation, fault monitoring.
k) Project-all over India-1678-DXC-matrix-upgradation and doing acceptance testing.
l) We have to doing upgrade DXC’s by adding STM-64 cards and making cross connections for them

Working as a SDH Engineer

Equipment: alcatel – 1696-DWDM

1) installation and commissioning of 1696-DWDM
2) we have to channel balancing: power and signal to noise(SNR) ratio with the optical tester(spectrum analyzer)-ONT -50,ANDO
and complete the acceptance sheets and submit to upper authority
3) Maintain the stability with help of analyzer i.e. checking the LOS in channel cards of different frequencies.
4) doing activities in link revision project, channel-Link up gradation project
5) Channel addition project.


Working as Project-Engineer

Equipment: alcatel 1660,1662 (rel 5.2b)
We have commissioned the equipment-1660, 1662at the different sites of Railtel .Maintain the stability with help of analyzer, Complete testing sheets and hand over to the upper authority .Doing activities as TAC engineer for software up gradation in1660
Laying the optical fiber cable for railtel and tests the E-1’s for up to backbone site.

• Operating System: Win-98, 2000,xp, MS-Dos.,linux
• Equipment worked: alcatel, sdh tester, (acterna-5, 10.)analyzer-EXFO,ONT-50,optical spectrum analyzer

Professional Qualification

Name : Bachelor of technology (B.Tech)
University : U.P Technical University, Lucknow
Branch : Electronics & Communication
Result : 73.16 % - First Division

Academic Qualification:

Name : Higher Secondary (12th)
Board : I.S.C.E
Result : 66 %

Name : Secondary (10th)
Board : I.C.S.E
Result : 68 %

Industrial Training:

Training at Central Electronics Limited, Sahibabad (U.P).
Training at Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited, Hardwar (U.A)

Certificate of “Strategic Business Management”
Certificate of “Managerial Economics”

Father’s Name : Shri Mukesh Kumar
D.O.B. : 05 March, 1986
Nationality : Indian
Marital Status : Single
Hobbies : Internet Surfing, cricket, watching tennis, traveling
Strength : Confident, Optimistic, Leadership.
Language Known: English / Hindi
Permanent Address : B-302 Asha Apartments,
Railway road Bazaria
Distt-Ghaziabad(U.P) Pin-201009
Phone : 09968274319, 09910879263
Having Passport. : Yes

Ready to relocate: - : Yes
I here by declare that the above information is true to the best of my knowledge.

PLACE : Ghaziabad Manu Sharma

No submited work experiences

Education & Training
No submited educations

No submited languages

Job Preferences
Job Category: Transmission Planner
Job Type: General
Job Status: Start in two weeks
Desired Salary: $22000 per year
Desired Location: any where
Willing to Relocate: Yes

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